Shinesta Bergeron

People step into this world and cover their problems with a smile and instead I cover it with paint. By constructing words and objects together I strive to display pure emotion on canvas. Being educated in different mediums such as intalio, relief print, sculpture, drawing, and painting has encouraged her development in collage. Even though the overall artwork may seem abstract there are disguised interpretations buried within these layers that attempt to start conversations on mental health and the human condition.

These medium to large scale pieces carry their own story as layers of paint, gesso, and collaged items get thicker over time. Conveying these ideas of by sticking pill bottles, easily thrown away items such as labels, stickers, and covering the canvas with lyrics that have given her the strength in her lowest moments. Every item displayed has had an impact on my life and in hindsight it has led to positive coping habits such as painting. Moments of shared pain and happiness is what is intended to develop through my paintings to show the impacted audience that they are not the only ones who feel these emotions.

Design Board

Demon Baby

Ceramic Sculpture, 8” x 7.5” , 2019.
Design Board

Beach Bum

Relief Print, 8” x 11”, 2019.
Design Board


Gouache on matte board,10” W x 15” H, 2018.