This is a podcast created by the graduating class of the Visual Communications (Art & Design) program of Medicine Hat College. Its aim is to highlight the program and its graduate’s final projects while creating connections with local artists, designers, business owners and instructors of MHC. We mainly talk about art, but sometimes we revert to ASMR...

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Episode 1: Jaeden & James

Join us on our first podcast as we speak with graduating student Jaeden Krein, and James Keuhn a professor at MHC. On this episode, we talk about Jaeden’s exploration into creating an interactive installation as well as James’ new interactive digital group called pulp. Listen in as James drops a few F bombs.

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Episode 2: Donovan & Marco

On this episode, we talk with graduating student Donovan Sim and the local business owner of Labels For Men, Marco. We discuss Donovan’s appreciation for design and typography that is incorporated into his grad project as well as how many light switches Marco has in his house.

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Episode 3: Emma & Tyrell

In episode three we talk with graduating student Emma Darbyshire, and second-year student Tyrell Anderson. We discuss Emma’s desire to dig deeper into the world of relief prints and Tyrells feelings about the change from Visual Communications to Art & Design. We also talk about the difference between Gull Lake, Alberta and Gull Lake, Saskatchewan. Spoiler alert, the main difference is a lake.

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Episode 4: Rachel & Maggie

Sit down with graduating students Rachel Condon and Maggie May as we discuss VSCO laughs, 80’s and 90’s villains, Wal-Mart shelving units and Larry. Rachel and Maggie talk about their grad projects and how they are influenced by illustrations, comic books, and personal triumphs as well as current struggles with mental health.

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Episode 5: Sabrina and Andrew

In episode five we speak with graduating student Sabrina Batten and local musician and writer, Andrew Koole. We discuss the intricacies of creating a body mold and how it could be only slightly painful and the experiences of being a traveling musician.

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Episode 6: Miikal, Lane &
Kat Moon

In this episode we speak with Graduating student Miikal Dilman, a former viscomm student Lane Bossence and the local business owner of Mutha Earth, Kat Moon. This episode is all about Dungeons and Dragons, mushroom allergies, MRTLK, adventure cats and the new downtown place to be called, “The Kommon”.

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Episode 7: Claire & Joelle

Join graduating students Claire Hawker and Joelle Lissel as we talk about interior design, being “Born on the Internet” and ASMR....again. Also listen to Claire burp when she doesn't realize we are recording.

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Episode 8: Dani and April

In this episode we speak with graduating Student Dani Evstratenko and local designer April Mandziak (Tag Concepts). We talk about Danis' experience growing up in three different countries and how it relates to her grad project, and April talks about the transition from going to school to working in a professional design environment. Tune in as I try to explain the “Helsinki bus station theory” and listen to April give me a hard time for not being able to speak Russian… |

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Episode 9: Savannah and Min

Join graduating students Savannah Mass and Min Chiangchan as Savannah talks about the casting of her body and tattoos for her grad project; and Min talks about seeing art from a historical point of view, but also a satirical one. If you listen closely, you can hear Savannah scratch her eye...

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Episode 10: Loissa & Andrea

Join graduating student Loissa Russell and new owner of December 2nd design studio, Andrea Webb, as we talk about therapeutic painting, the meaning behind the name December 2nd, and the joys of voting. We also get carried away when talking about drag queens, but you know what they say, “purse first”.

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