Maggie May

My work comes from a place in my mind where I like to take shelter. A lot of my work lives in the realm of fantasy, where beings that cannot exist in our world are able to live amongst each other. Most of my work is done with digital media, only occasionally using traditional media.

Loneliness, sadness, trauma, flowers, woodland, open fields, water, and fantasy are all themes in my work. There is a lot of loneliness in my work that many people may not see. When you think of trauma, sadness and loneliness you’d think of dark places where the people convey the saddest expression. In my art I take the beauty of the world around me and give it a sense of openness, seclusion, and alone. I try to portray trauma, sadness and loneliness through this beauty. Nature is beautiful, but also nature is loneliness.

I use my art as an outlet for my emotions and ideas of a world where I’m in control, and a world where I don’t feel so useless. It has all gotten me through a lot in my life and I am now using it to tell a story so that maybe it can help someone else who is struggling.

Design Board


Challenging myself with perspective and using different brushes in photoshop.
Design Board


Challenging myself with backlighting on a figure.
Design Board

Red Dragon

Designing a dragon race for the story that I am working on.